Thursday, 16 April 2015


“Some people live to eat, and some eat to live’ does jumbling up the words make a difference? Well, it does and changes the entire meaning. You know what we mean right?
The junk food excites your taste buds only for a moment but puts your inner self to unrest. There is a major misconception when it comes to following a set diet; they often chose not to eat instead of eating healthy. 

Remember- you are born to eat and food is the only way to a healthy life. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija also suggests eating your way to a healthy life. ‘Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels’ expresses the whole idea of healthy eating very aptly. True to its lines, really health is the best feeling one could get as it keeps your body, soul and mind happy.

‘A fit healthy body is the best fashion statement’- Jess C. Scott. Talking of fashion, yet another plus point of being fit is that you can be a healthy fashionista! You can become the style icon in your capacity. Try on any latest fashion without thinking twice. Fashion and health are symbiotic; both affect each other. You can sport skinny jeans, dresses, designer saris etc. without any hesitation. Feel fresh and beautiful inside out. When we mention being a healthy fashionistas, how can we miss out talking of our healthy divas - Bipasha Basu, Shilpa shetty and Mallika Arora Khan, to mention a few, have spread the awareness about healthy living by promoting yoga, exercises and eating healthy. Madhuri Dixit is also promoting fitness though dance and is also an inspiration of how being healthy can keep you graceful and stunning even in your late 40’s.

Nowadays, being fit and healthy seems to be a critical issue. In the very recent times France has banned skinny models from the runway as it concerns the health of young girls. Most of the girls are of the view that they are slim only if they have bow-shaped legs, tummy completely tucked in and the bones showing. Spain was the first to pass such law, Italy and Israel soon followed the suit. You must have undoubtedly heard about Kareena  Kapoor’s zero size diet plan which she flaunted during her movie, Tashan. After that almost every girl wanted to follow in her footsteps and attain sizzling size zero figure. But, here’s a warning- size zero diet can risk bones to long term problems such as osteoporosis. Actress Gul Panag commented somewhere expressed her thoughts - Size zero has sparked low self-esteem issues, resulting in bulimia, anorexia and body dimorphic disorders. Looking thin is like being a poster girl for sickness and bad health. I believe it's more important to be fit than be thin and look sick.

So the best trick to be heathy is following the moderation mantra. Being healthy is the best fashion advice you can follow. We wish you all the luck to eat your way to a healthy life and become a healthy fashionista (and yes, be careful because if the obsession with being skinny continues we can face bans here too).

- Alisha

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