Monday, 27 April 2015

Junk is Beautiful

Decorating your body is a very fascinating opportunity. Only you can creatively understand what suits you the best. I feel jewelry is such an adornment that it makes a woman look dainty and adorable at the same time. She can express in so many ways through jewelry. She can tell you how delicate and fragile she is and can show the bold person in her. Elegance can also be her taste but funky can make her look the best. Well, jewelry can play a lot of expressions. But without jewelry a girl’s wardrobe and life is very empty, rather I should say it’s not possible to be deprived of jewelry. A little trinket here and there is a girl’s identification.

When talking about trinkets necklaces have killed the fashion streets. It’s just not the color but intricate designs are very attractive. I remember seeing a woman the other day wearing a long body chain over her casual black top; she was all set to party wearing that piece of jewelry. Isn’t that commendable?
In fact the jeweled scarf is another beautiful invention in neck pieces.  It’s a pretty view to see a necklace and scarf separately but it is an amazing choice to beautify your clothes with both at the same time. When talking about neck pieces pendants have evolved over the years. It’s not just hearts and dolphins anymore... Owls, elephants, mucchi, chappals are the most trending pendants. The funky look is doing so well in jewelry and can be explored further.

I must say earrings have also moved to a new level of artistic creation. Ear cuffs are very trending these days. It’s just one ear cuff for jewelry and you are standing out of the crowd. There are so many intricately designed varieties in these, some are in the form of a lizard or snake while some are flowers and leaves entangled together. I am personally very fascinated towards the dangling ear cuffs with pointed ends; it’s appearance is very bold and beautiful.  


 Well there is no end to junk jewelries but if I really want to brag there importance I can’t let go off the bangles, bracelets and hand cuffs. In the plethora of jewelry one has to have a set of bangles and bracelets to complement your neck piece and outfits. Bracelets have become so diverse, right from simple beads to metallic finish, there are many choices. Dangling one’s are pretty on delicate hands where as the tight bracelets and hand cuffs are just the choice for the not delicate ones. Hand cuffs are also very trending and well suited with western and traditional outfits.

Many more trinkets that make way into our trinket boxes are nose rings with very dainty designs, the anklet on either leg or the use of hair accessories to complete the beautification. Accessorizing yourself can be very intriguing, its how many or

how less is the main question along with what matches what. If we can solve the mystery of whether this will suit me isn’t enough, whether it will distinguish my fashion styling is what we want. Now a days you do not have to pay a huge amount to get these junkies in your jewelry box, streets are full of them; you just need to be street smart to get the right rate for your jewelry. How much you shop for jewelries, it can never suffice your desire. Let’s get street smart and loot the best possible accessories for ourselves.

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