Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Baggy Affair!!

I recently visited Goa with my friends, and without saying much am sure you can make out what a splendid time we would have had. Goa is a place for exploring variety of picturesque scenes, interesting people, unexpected journeys and eye catching outfits. Goa was full of a lot of captivating things, but for us girls we did experience the most important thing undoubtedly.....the Flee market.... Shopping....And lots of bargaining.  And that’s where I came across a very interesting set of bags.

Usually we are carrying all our clutter in very basic and stereotypical bags . Those bags without doubt are good enough for us , but what if  bags could also add  to our superb styling tricks. And that’s exactly what I found in Goa. These bags were everywhere, in every color , in every possible design and in the cheapest rates one could grab them!

A pinch of ethnicity was attached to each of these bags. They come in bright colors like yellow, red , green , blue etc. The designs are highly indianised, using flowers and stars , basic geometrical shapes, use of animals like elephants and spiritual designs saying Om. Whole lot of variety was visible in bags; backpacks, side bags, jhollas , travel bags and small purses with an amazing ethnic touch.

I will tell you the best part about these bags , they are mutlipurpose. Try wearing a blue denim and solid black T-shirt, in order to look different and to add that spice all you need to do is hang these backpacks or side bags across your body. And then if you plan to wear a suit the other day , you again have lots of choices in the set of ethnic bags . these bags play an amazing role as a fashion accessory. Stols, ornaments and nice hair do are very common, now women can actually play with bags to add glitter to their fashionable outfits.
                Fashion is a very delicate and potential field for exploring. Bags in different shapes and sizes can add shine to your attire. Not only the colors but how you carry the right type of bag for the right dress matters a lot . Mismatch can never be overlooked when it comes to accessorizing. We  can easily mismatch ethnic bags with western outfits and western bags with ethnic outfits.  Also, we have a tendency to use bags according to the occasion. Not all types of ethnic bags go well with your party and wedding invitations. Certain bags use high amount of glitter and sparkle to craft a look so attractive and extremely apt with the heavily embroidered Sarees.

I would recommend every girl to start shopping and looking for ethnic bags this time and in case you happen to be in Goa this time to admire the beaches, do not let the bags go out of your sight.  Fashion cannot be classified so simply, it comes in so many colors, shapes and sizes and variety of permutation &combinations are possible. All we need to find is the right set of attires and accessories that goes well with your mood and comfort. It’s a true saying “Styling can never be restricted to clothes”.
Girls don’t Keep calm, keep exploring fashion!!

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