Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Aging is a never ending story. Our body is the main player of the story, who is struggling way too hard to keep the charm unvarying. We act out a lot to preserve the body shape and quality, but how much of that acting actually gives results is a doubtful matter. Let’s see this scenario, where running behind your kids or running to the office is great but have you actually lost any calories there? Drinking your favorite flavored green tea every morning is fine but attending those delicious lunch parties is equally tempting, so how has the tea kept you healthy? Neither it’s easy to give up on things we love to do, nor can we ignore call of duty. Also, there is no trade off when it comes to your family, and for women in our generation career cannot get hampered as well.

So what is to be done?? Where should I start? When will I make time for fitness routine?

So many questions like these have disturbed us for so many years. We kept watching Deepika Padukone getting sexier each day while we could only compensate her missing calories. But a very critical concern I have been through what if these amazing dresses I just bought from these big brands stop fitting me? Will I get to wear them again?! Oh dear!! It will be a huge loss for me. That’s when I realized that enough said and done it’s time I act and make Deepika Padukone my inspiration rather my jealousy.

Well, I finally thought to start my fitness routines, to save myself from the horror of not getting into those pretty Kurtis and dresses I store so carefully in my wardrobe. In the beginning these exercises and diets made me mad and irritated.  But my motivations in my fitness journey were the apparels in my wish list of #Namakh on Namakh.com, #Myntra, #Flikart, #Jabong, #Snapdeal.  

Each dress spoke to me and inspired me to get in shape. Because shopping and craving go hand in hand, when you are craving for a dress, you tend to go to any level to fulfill your crave.  Since then I have strictly attended my gym and followed my diet charts 
But as days passed it was getting difficult and costlier to attend the gym and my dieticians appointments.  I wanted to get my work done at home, balance regular exercise routine and also handle my office load. That’s when I thanked technology for developing the magical land of internet. With internet, fitness activities have given us a wide scope to discover. Right from aerobics to yoga, from diet to gyming, everything is available on the internet.  All I need to do is switch on YouTube and search for the routine and the next thing I m doing is “exercise”.

In this era, it’s difficult to find an excuse not to be fit. We have plenty of resources and great amount of inspirations to charge us to remain healthy and lean. For me this experience has always been important as it has made me look confident in my attires. Possibly everyone will be able to see the same result. My friends, fashion has a close relationship with fitness; a fit body makes the attire look even more attractive. Just keep shedding those extra kilos even if you love eating mouthwatering gulab jamuns, because your wish lists cannot forever remain wishes!!
Be fit, be fashionable!!

- Abhishikha

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