Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Common Women, Un-Common deeds!

Every woman is special in her own way, special in every role she plays and everything she does. The common woman does something uncommon each day, empowered and powerful as she is, she lets the world to realize her value and importance by her deeds. If lady of the house does not take care of the house for a day, can you even imagine the disaster the house will be. Women truly are the unspoken heroes. Fortunately some get noticed & make it big through their uncommon deeds, these are the best metaphor for simple women achieving better than men in all walks of life…….

Who would have missed the much talked about biopic on Mary Kom starring Priyanka Chopra. Mary Kom is also one of the few women who received the highest civilian award, ‘Padma Bhushan’. Sports are the path less trodden for women in India, and hence she is the best example of how much the women can achieve if she gets the opportunity.

Heard of Chanda Kochchar? She has been the head of India’s leading private sector bank ICICI, isn’t that enough of an introduction already? She took the banking world by storm when she first became the head of ICICI. She is now 52 and certainly holds a bright future for banking system of our country.

First IPS officer of India, Kiran Bedi needs no further introduction. She is well known for her strong belief in social justice. She truly is a great inspiration for all the Indian women. In the recent ‘India against corruption’ movement she raised her voice against many powerful political leaders without any fear.

How can we not mention the brave heart journalist, Barkha Dutt. . It takes guts to be in the middle of a war and report about it as she did in the Kargil war although a lot of criticism came down her way at that time. She is the best role model for budding journalists especially the women.

Indian women know how to strive & make their mark. She endeavors in the field she is in. Her dressing style becomes a part of her uniqueness. Today the women are open to explore & venture out and hence their style has a slight flavor of the modern world. This gave way to the fusion style and is awed by everyone around the globe. The fusion wear is a language of freedom to. Not only it states that women are ready to try the unexplored but also the non-complex but elegant fusion wear makes her comfortable at home and at work also. 

So, girls go out, love what you do love what you wear, show the world that you are really worth it!
Just be yourself and be beautiful. You never know if one day you might prove to be an inspiration to some more women but till then remember you are a hero already because you understand the real meaning of juggling & do it the best.  

- Alisha , Deb 

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