Sunday, 3 May 2015

Just Pair it up right!

It is very important to pair things up just perfectly whenever it comes to choosing a dress that you are going to wear for the rest of the day. I mean you can’t go to your office wearing a funny combination of shorts, formal shirt and heavy sport shoes…weird huh? So, the moral of the story is that you just have to ‘PAIR IT UP RIGHT’. 

Shoes are the second priority for women after clothes, they just can’t get enough of it! Bellies, sandals, wedges, boots, sport shoes, pencil heels etc. It is too much to handle! Now the question is how to pair up the shoes right? Well, don’t worry because this blog post is going to cure your shoe hurdle for sure……..

BOOTS look amazingly good with skirts, shorts and jeans. They enhance the whole attire and give a bold and rough appearance. But, along comes the drawback that you cannot pair them up with palazzos, gowns or any Indian wear like suits and saris (you know that! Don’t you?)  

BELLIES are very popular among women nowadays as they pair up with almost any outfit whether it is skirts, jeans, shorts, palazzos or the Indian salwar suits. They lie in the must have category in every female wardrobe.
If you love to dress up funky and look cool, PRINTED CANVAS SHOES are the one for you. Just like boots it can be teamed up with skirts, jeans and shorts and in case you don’t want to fall prey to any pair up error with your canvas shoes just follow the drawback guidelines given for boots…!
In my opinion, GLADIATOR SANDALS are the most ideal sandals for a hot sunny day. They are made with multiple straps giving a beautiful feminine look. These go perfectly well with dresses and skirts. Please don’t do a blunder of wearing your long gladiators with pants, jeans or anything that covers up your legs.

 It is not difficult to see women in India wearing SPORT SHOES with salwar suits to work or even when they are visiting outside! You would see that Bittu’s granny and Bua in comic TV series Comedy Nights with Kapil also wear sport shoes…but think! Their attire is made to make the public laugh! You don’t have to make a laughing stock out of yourself so, please team up your sport shoes only with tracks, pajamas, pants and jeans. Don’t fret if you feel comfy in shoes and can’t wear them with other outfits just try the modern alternative-slip on shoes, they go with almost anything except saris.

How can I forget STILETTOS when I am writing about shoes! These are on the favorite list in every woman’s mind. You can pair these sexy heels with everything except tracksuits, exercise outfits and night suits. Well, you will never in the life feel the need of wearing your stilettos with these!
I hope your shoe hurdle is not a hurdle anymore. Now, this time whenever you step out JUST PAIR IT UP RIGHT!

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