Friday, 29 May 2015


I went to a mall some days back. Every showroom was loaded with summer clothes- maxi dresses, shorts, tank tops, jumpsuits, skirts, neon prints, animal prints and so much more. I mean, so much is available nowadays that it can easily cause a great dilemma especially if you are very clear about the idea of shopping that particular day. The same thing happened with me that day, I was so confused that at last I ended up buying three graphic tee’s ( ptsss…It was a buy 2 get one offer!) instead of buying a dress which had to be bought if you look at the pre-planned idea. See! This is what happens when you have so many options to choose from during summers…but I have it all for you! (How I wish I would have done that before…anyways, no regrets…) I have picked out top-10 “MUST-HAVE” summer outfits. Girls, have a look at this checklist and add it to your shopping list as soon as possible to prevent the consequences you know!


This simple and comfy bottom wear replaces your PJ’s in summers keeping you relaxed throughout the day. I always rely on capris if I want to go for casual outings. Whether it is morning or evening strolls, grocery store or yoga classes’ capris serve to all your daily needs.

These must be short but they don’t let you compromise in maintaining your style quotient. They give you a bold and sexy look; these are the ones to pick out on a hot summer day. Shorts are very useful when it comes to doing physical activity…you can’t run wearing an evening gown…can you?


Denims are what you call “evergreen” when it comes to picking out clothes. May it be any season; any reason denims should be ever-present in your wardrobe. It’s an all time “must-have”. So, if you want to look fabulous in a jiffy then you can always pull up you jeans and put on your dearest tee. As simple as a pie…isn’t it?


Once upon a time, a mom snatched this garment from her baby and became a fashion diva! How cruel! (Mommies please don’t mind I’m just kidding). Women can be oft-times seen donning this one piece garment in India. Jumpsuits have grown popular in the recent years and now almost every woman owns one! This chic outfit suits every body type if you choose the right one which doesn’t hugs to your skin. Just pair it up with a good sling, wedges, up do your hair in a bun and you’ll be ready to rock the day!


These relaxing pants with quirky prints and colorful drawstrings are liked by all. Just tuck in your favorite loose fitted top inside these pants, sport it with a stylish bag and look trendy, sassy as always!

  Can’t wait to see who’ll top the list? Ignite the curiosity a little more and wait till next post…until then keep guessing what else will make it to the list!

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