Thursday, 12 February 2015

Too Hot to Catch Cold..

Winters can be a great opportunity to experiment with the recent fashion blends. Sweaters and jackets can be a great addition to one’s wardrobe. Comfortable cotswool in colors like charcoal gray paired with oversized scarf and gloves make for a classy combination.

So do jackets in bright colors like red, green and blue. Colored gloves can add a spunk and attractiveness to your style. An overcoat can be a great addition too. It can be made of warm wool, camel hair or cashmere. Bottom-line, no season like the winters for those who love to dress up!

Following are the must-haves for men during winters –

-          Getting hold of a classic winter hat (warm and chic in equanimity) to begin with.
-          It’s not winters yet until you pull out that dark ‘leather’ jacket of yours; avoid the shiny ones.
-          A bright colored sweater adds a bit of spunk to your otherwise mundane look; decide between a full-neck tunic or a crisp half-sleeved vest, or both!
-          Men these days are confident enough to pull off a scarf or two. Matching the checks with the trousers might just to the trick on your first date!
-          No other season allows you to try a nice boot; works wonders if it’s in sync with that dark jacket!

Few gaffes to avoid, always –

-          Too many clothes can take the sheen off you; buy authentic wool to ensure less is more!
-          Doing a size check on your old clothes is a must before heading out on that public gathering!

Likewise, few tips for women to pay heed –

-          Matching the shoes with the belt is an unsaid rule of sorts!
-          Anything goes with black, even more black does; avoid flimsy pinks and greens per say.
-          Best season to try dull and laid-back colours/combinations; reflects the inner you.
-          Socks! Try all your fantasy colour combinations down there; always keep them woolen though.
-          A cool cap never did anyone harm. The key is to find one which is cool, and helps beat the cold.

And the must-not’s –

-          Silly as it sounds, never wear two pair of socks at the same time (people tend to, thus).
-          No earmuffs, they just suck.

Other things to keep in mind are the well being of your clothes read: maintenance. Year on year, we tend to ignore how must dust a silly sweater can accumulate. So before embarking upon any winter season, we must get all the clothes washed, sun-dried and dry-cleaned (in case of suits, coats etc).

Making sure that you bring out the best in you for the upcoming Sunday brunch, ensuring that you are healthy is equally important. Just in case you have caught flu, a freshly washed kerchief can help it keep low key. Also emphasis on not wearing tight (read: ill-fitting) clothes too is important; for too many clothes can cause uneasiness in a jiffy.

All said and done, get set and keep it classy this winters!

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