Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Yesterday, I was visiting a doctor and while I was walking down the street I made some interesting observations. I was passing by an engineering college where I saw some young girls standing outside their college gate and laughing...screaming...teasing each other. Carefree and cheerful was the only emotion visible to me.

Some fifty steps away, I was crossing an MNC building. Two women were sitting in a car dressed in formal attire and juggling their files and papers . Tension was written all over their faces and irritation made them look grumpy. They were extremely restless and uncomfortable in each others company.  And that’s when I realized ,why college life is so special and  memorable.
This is the time in your life when one has the privilage to make mistakes and learn from them. College isn’t about finding who you are , it’s about creating what you want to be.   Each day is an experience in itself. There are friends who lift you up after each fall and show you the right path. Staying in the hostel is like a sleepover every night with your friends. The word “lonely” never exists in college life. Your girlfreinds and friends are always around to make fun of  your stupid ideas and take your case in every single way possible...haha!
 Life for women change drsatically once she leaves college. She is always running , handling home and work at the same time.  She can never again be that carefree girl she used to be. It’s a crazy journey after college. Social life, almost gets terminated for many women as their work schedule and household chores keep them on their toes. College life is a balance between academics and art work ,It is gossiping till late at night  to studying till 6 in the morning, catching the first day first show at PVR and endlessly working on the project daedlines. There don’t seem to be any restrictions to thinking and to nuturing our thoughts. There is ample of time for street shopping and flaunt it via facebook and whatsapp.
College is also the best time to explore your style quotient. Everyday you can experiment with looks and be the fashionista in your college. Today, girls in college have developed a new concept called“bold styling” , flaunting the weirdest of combinations and clothes . When it comes to being bold, Mix match is the most trendy way to style.
Neon colors are very eye catching and that’s the trick to stand out in college crowd. Girls with lovely figures flaunt their torso in super skinny jeans paired with jackets. After watching Kareen kapoor in Jab we met, haram pants made it to the top dressing attires for girls. All the pretty faces make their appearances in floral prints . Accessorizing is in vogue when it comes to college girls. Right from earings to cuff bracelets to anklets , everything is being experimented with.
College life can be so awesome ... you can just wear anything from pajamas and flipflops to kurta churidar and enter your campus , setting a new fashion movement.  Each person who has outgrown their college years must be wondering ,”what I could have done differently in my college days?”Well, my friends college is  one hell of a roller-coaster ride , hold on tight and who knows you might end up in disneyland! ;-)


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