Thursday, 12 February 2015


I want to be a architect...a pilot...a musician...a dancer...a journalist....

Do these words a ring a bell? Have you ever been in a fix about your goals in life ,when you were 6? We all had random, but interesting ambitions in our childhood. I wonder how many of us have stuck to our age old ambitions and fulfilled them. If I am not mistaken, it will only be 2% of the public. Most of us have deviated from our childhood dreams and become more realistic. We are more pragmatic now, when we think of our goals, some of us want to be good parents, some of us want to earn for their parents, and some only seek happiness in life while some are still figuring it out!

Imagine what Mrs. Indira Nooyi’s life would be today, if she wasn’t the CEO of PepsiCo. Doesn’t it sound too bare and simple without the tagline of CEO PepsiCo.? Well, being a mother to two daughters she still chose to make a powerful career. Her personal life got compromised too many times because of her growing professional career. In a recent festival, she had said, “Women can’t have it all-and can only pretend to. Most of us must be thinking that’s so true. This woman is practical and yes she has spoken rightly but she didn’t give up on her dreams to become what she is today. Becoming a mother isn’t an easy task, but taking charge of a multinational company and bringing up two daughters is worth applause. Challenges in life are what keep us going, without them we will be so satisfied that we will enter a state of boredom. 

Accept challenges and always give it a short...without thinking of the end result!!

Each of us has have dreams, but just dreaming about it will not solve the purpose. Ambition is the first step to success, second step is action. Believe in yourself and your potential and work towards it as diligently as possible .Be a part of a crowd with dream and desire while you keep away from people who belittle your ambition.

 Life is too short to do something, and it is too long to live without a purpose ...without an ambition. Be a part of a dream and chase it till you accomplish it!


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