Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Align the mind, body & soul to become fashionable!

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway” ~ Coco Chanel
Why try and become like anybody else when you have to be ready for the fashion show called life every day. The best thing in this scenario would be to stay ‘you’ and suppress the urge to be like someone else. Getting influenced by another being is the easiest thing to do but to be confident and comfortable with one’s own persona is certainly a challenging task.
Fashion is an attitude. It’s not just about the clothes you wear but it is more about how you present yourself; it’s about how you feel about your own self because that reflects in your style.

Starving yourself to look pretty & stylish is a big NO NO! It is good to know what you eat, eating in moderation and avoiding a certain food items to stay healthy is a fine practice to follow but doing the same to get skinny is certainly not the coolest thing to do. Remember the curvaceous beauties of yesteryears like Madhubala, Meenakumari, Hema Malini, Sri Devi, the list is endless. They were and are still considered the epitome of beauty and sensuality.  These lovely ladies definitely were not anorexic. The idea is about being comfortable in your own skin. 

The times now have evidently changed; in this time and age being stylish and glamorous is about being skinny (yes, not just in shape but being skinny). Being skeletal thin and fashionable is now considered a criteria to fit in the popular groups. In the b-town also the constant competition persists between the thin and well not so thin actresses. If the zero figured actresses like Kareena Kapoor are idealized by the women, it is no secret that Indian men have always been enamored by the full bodied women. Recently came a time where Bollywood whole heartedly accepted the voluptuous beauties that then went to give various box office hits and critically acclaimed movies. This not just put them in the limelight but also highlighted the fact that it’s not the size that makes you appealing, it is the talent and how in ease you are with your own self. A few names that immediately come to the mind when you talk about curvaceous beauties are Sonakshi Sinha. Having won the Filmfare for best debutante actress for Dabangg she has proved that it’s the confidence you carry yourself with that makes you successful and not the size. Huma Qureshi is another such name. Her ‘weight’ issues is a much talked about topic but then all goes under the carpet when she brings critically acclaimed performances to the table.  And then this list cannot be complete without Vidya Balan’s mention. Her ethnic style, the grace with which she carries herself is definitely an indicator of how appealing you can look when you are comfortable and at ease with yourself.

Alish Sehgal

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