Thursday, 18 December 2014

Revamp your wardrobe

Fashion has its own phases. What is in fashion now may become obsolete a few years down the line. But the true fashion that stays is the one in our personality.
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

In the name of latest fashion, women end up buying too many pieces of clothing and then eventually that too becomes a part of the ‘fashion that was’.  Especially in Indian households you’ll always find a stock of sarees which either is your grandmom’s or mum’s or even yours but that stock would be rarely made optimum use of. Every time you’d open that saree collection of yours you’d ask yourself what I do with this absolutely wonderful collection of desi nine yards of cloth.  
At times like these, you really wish if you could just get an idea of what to do with those beautiful sarees which you just cannot get rid of because you like the print or the fabric feels like your second skin or it was a gift to you or just because you’ve emotional attachment with it. Sometimes it so happens that while in the storage, the saree gets stained or the border tears off. Here comes the need to find out ways where you can do justice to the saree and use it more often than you would have when it was just a saree. There are a zillion things you can create with your saree ranging from things for home to well new clothes for yourself.  Imagine having an all new collection of clothes without having to dispose of your rarely used saree collection.

Well, when we talk of giving a new life to your sarees and also a new look to your wardrobe; we would suggest you to try the following:

  1. 1.       Anarkali suits are a big hit now during the festivities. Use the thick border of your saree to give a festive look to a plain suit. You can also make it look more expensive & apt for the function by adding embellishments to it.

  1. 2.       You can turn your elegant brocade sarees into party gowns or dresses if you’re looking for something western.

  1. 3.       If you’ve ignored the poor saree because it looks too plain. Then you can look at adding some embroidery or patchwork to it to pep up the entire appearance of that saree.

  1. 4.       Do you’ve a sarees that have completed its course of life? Well, from such sarees you can take various different pieces & create something like a fusion long patchwork skirt or even a jacket that you can team up with jeans & t-shirts.

5. Or if the saree is very heavy, bought essentially for wedding purposes, you can turn it into whole new wedding attire, a lehanga with a plain yet well embellished choli to go with it.

2.             6.Or just team your old saree with a trendy blouse to change the look!

You can also use the cuts and corners of the sarees you’ve revamped to make ethnic handbags for yourself. No matter what you create from your saree, just remember to accessorize it well to complete the look. 

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