Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Versatile Scarf!!

Getting dressed is every woman’s right but with women becoming more independent and career oriented they are not left with much time to spend on the dressing up routine. But women are certainly becoming more conscious about their looks, the clothes and their overall personality. This perhaps came from the realization that one feels confident one dresses up in an appropriate and presentable fashion.
In between all this rush & cacophony of modern life the desire to look good can be truly taken care by invention of ‘scarf’. Scarfs are not only easy to handle but are easily available at affordable prices. They are no less than an accessory for women which can be used in various ways to pep up the daily wear. The very touch of a scarf in one’s attire can change your entire look from being monotonous to trendy. A plain t-shirt or kurti can be given different appearances by teaming it up with different scarfs. Isn’t it fun and economical?
Without doubt the scarves are in vogue & not just women but you can spot men too sporting it.  You can wear it with everything possible. Scarves are also believed to the perfect contemporary substitute of a dupatta. Dupattas are more hassle free and convenient since they are comparatively less in width but almost similar in length.
It can be worn with a regular casual t-shirt and jeans or with simple kurti or even with skirts. It certainly is a much loved addition to a feminine wardrobe & definitely adds style to your looks. Say bye to dull, when you add a scarf to your attire, you have a choice to play around with loads of colours, try the contrast trick, roll it around your neck, make a pretty knot or just place them on your shoulders. There are a whole lot of ways to adorn a scarf. A smart trendy scarf can be tied over hair as a hairband or even be tied over your hair or can also be used as a smart fashionable and unique belt around your waist over your dress or t-shirt or over a beautiful flowy skirt. A scarf can also be a good assistant when you plan to revamp your style. A scarf tied around the handbag can give the boring handbag a new life.

Based on your attire, attitude, personality or other preferences you’ve enough to play around with when it comes to scarves - floral prints, geometric patterns, animal prints or simple abstract patterns. Scarves are a favourite internationally also. You’d often spot lots of celebrities abroad flaunting their stylish scarves.

Women today are becoming more experimental about their look & style. The traditional ways have been almost replaced with more convenient and contemporary way for every day. And with the summers approaching, ditch the jewellery. Wrap the scarf around, put on a pair of oversized shades, pick up a cool handbag and get ready to make the heads turn with your awesome style!

- Alisha

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