Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nine Yards of Awesomeness

Saree is one of the most elegant pieces of clothing ever. Saree as an attire is attributive or descriptive of India as a country with rich culture and heritage. Be it international pop sensations or top celebrities or even the tourists that visit our country are truly fascinated towards this beauty which is no less than an art and wearing it hence becomes even a greater art.
Saree has an inherent grace and charm associated with it, and during special occasions Indian women miss no opportunity to flaunt it. The grace a saree emits attracts the women worldwide but then not everybody can carry an Indian saree like an Indian woman. To suit the requirements of our friends from abroad & to feel the awesomeness of a saree, the nine yards of prettiness has taken various forms. The traditional sarees is all game to tweak itself to make place in the contemporary frame. The youth has accepted the elegance & beauty of the saree but then again now they have options to adorn a saree in a very ‘fusion’ way. Be it a pre-stitched saree, to teaming it up with uber hot bikini blouse, which we have often seen the celebrities wear or adding a traditional jacket to it to give it a very glamorous look ready for the ramp.
Women today are going experimental with their style. Saree too is undergoing transformation to ensure it keeps moving with the time. A saree gown is one such example highlighting the evolution of the typical traditional saree. Saree gown has lately become popular amongst the women. It has gained the status to something apt for a wedding or even a formal party.
Putting the right stuff together makes all the difference. Ditch the cliché blouses & try something quirky yet chic. Ever tried wearing your saree with a tunic blouse? You obviously need to be sure of yourself to pull off something new. But if you can, a tunic blouse is a must try. Not only is it modern it will surely make people talk about your bold style statement.
Another saree style making rounds in the fashion circuits is that of saree over leggings. It looks extremely chic. Sounds weird? Google the looks of you don’t believe us.
Another very obvious way of changing the entire appearance of a saree is by changing the regular pallu style. You can pick a roll pin through which the pallu goes giving it a scarf like look or you can figure out your own pallu styles that lets you feel comfortable yet uber cool.

Why opt for the regular when there is so much you can do with a traditional dress too. So next time you pick up a saree be assured you’re going to look gorgeous but remember to add the fusion tadka - be it with the blouse,  way you drape it, stuff you team it up with, your make up or anything else  & share your ideas with us.

- Alisha 

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