Thursday, 5 March 2015

Holi Kab Hai!!

With Holi right around the corner, here are few ways to get your look in place. First and foremost, prevention is always better than cure so coat your skin and hair with a layer of oil (olive oil). Apply as much to ensure that the oil leaves a thick protective layer on the skin. Also, vaseline can be applied on the skin as this prevents color from staying on the skin and makes it a lot easier to get rid of as well. Along with skin protection, nails should also be protected by applying nail polish with a double coat.
While playing with colors, wearing a simple white plain tee-shirt or a plain kurta/kurti is always a better option, so that all the beautiful colors can be seen in their full glory. And then don’t throw these clothes right away; recycle them by washing separately in a machine and give them as charity to the poor because some people will always need the clothes which you don't.
Along with self-precaution, our homes should also be taken care of; we should play with colors outside the buildings, ideally in an open ground or on the terrace.
On the eve of Holi, it is recommended always choose light colored garments (white) because it’s both popular and elegant and also allows the vibrancy of colors to reflect. Colors like pastel shade of green, orange, yellow, blue and pink are also worth considering. The rule with any of the aforementioned colours being: select warm colors like orange, red if you are wheatish to dark and cold colors like blue, green or pink if you have a fairer skin tone.
Avoid carrying branded and expensive sunglasses, watches and designer accessories like handbags, belts and shoes. Also avoid carrying phones and other gadgets and gizmos because you need to keep them protected or dry. Same goes for expensive jewelry - especially the ones that are intricate or has been studded with precious stones.
It is important not to look shabby. Men usually wear kurta-pyjamas on Holi, but a smart-looking half or full-sleeved shirt can also be worn (with sleeves folded up to elbow), with casual trousers. Women have the option of wearing kurtas, pyjamas, churidhars or traditional saris (cotton or chiffon), apart from these a simple T-shirt, top, casual blouse or a short kurta with casual trousers, ankle length leggings or jeans, serves the purpose just as well.
One should always ensure that you are wearing the right clothes for Holi because if you are not comfortable then you can’t enjoy properly. Since clothes stick to the body after getting wet, this might look vulgar, so it is advisable to wear inners.

After having gathered so much information about the festival of colors, we are now left with just two days to get our wardrobe right; eventually it’s all about getting drenched in colours at the end of it all! So fill in your pichkaris with colors and let’s get the festive mood started! Happy Holi!


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