Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Welcome New Year in style

It’s time to party and celebrate; time to be hopeful of even a better next year.  New Year celebrations have now become a trend, one that is celebrated across the world religiously like a festival. From Bollywood celebrities’ participation to make the night even starier with their exclusive performances to people hitting the dance floors to some just staying back in the cosiness of their homes celebrating the eve with family; the New Year is welcomed in a zillion ways. The idea is to ensure that the next year gets a happy start, like they usually say that you end up spending the entire year the way you begin it so make sure the beginning is AWESOME.
Shopping spree during this time are inevitable but you can start your very own boutique at home to save all the running around and at the same time dress up in fresh fashion of your own. Design the new for you to flaunt during the party season. In our last blog post Revamp your wardrobe we mentioned about reusing the clothes, the ones you no longer need or don’t know what to do with them anymore, especially the sarees.  Don’t just get rid of them, recreate them. Well, what better opportunity you can get than the party season.  You can turn the traditional sarees into ‘I am ready to hit the dance floor’ kind of short dress with the border cleverly used to add the party bling or the sophisticated long gown with a knee length slit, again with judicious use of the exclusive elements of the original saree. Whatever you create, remember to consider your body type. A few pointers below might help you finalize the cut for your New Year’s party dress.
Pear shape is a very common body type in the India. Here your lower body, i.e. the part of the body under your waist is wide compared to the upper half.  Wearing a slightly darker shade as bottom will make you appear leaner. For such body types try keeping the top or the upper half of your dress a little more dressy – more colours, patterns, details, etc. around the neckline will take the focus away from the pear shape of the body.

Heart shaped body types have leaner bottom. The focus here should be to give an elongated look to the upper body to bring a balance. V necks work very well on the heart shaped bodies. These make your neck look longer and lengthen the overall appearance.

The trick for the box shaped body is to work on the dress around the waste. Get the fitting of your dress in a way that it gives the appearance of a curve at the waist. Round scoop neck is a good option for the dress neckline if your body comes in this set.

People with hourglass body types are the blessed lot. If you’re amongst this set then most necklines will look fabulous on you. So get your dress made in just any style.

Just remember to keep the make-up balanced and of course accessorize it well.

Happy New Year!! 

Alisha Sehgal

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