Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wedding Vows – glamorous Indian weddings

Every girl dreams to be a beautiful bride. Here are few ideas to make you sparkle on your big day -


-          Some brides in India opt for their mother’s wedding saree for their own D-day and passing on the jewelry is an Indian tradition followed by all the families. Always trust what your mother has saved for you all those yearsJ. They speak volumes about your heritage and a beautiful way to let people know about your legacy.

-          When it comes to traditional dresses for brides, there are not many rules that one needs to follow. The only thing that is should be taken care is to avoid the color black. Today Indian brides are opting for bolder designs and have an abundance to choose from. Saris, Lehenga, Sharara, Salwar Kameez a bride can select any of the aforementioned, in brighter shades like blue/green.

-          Red has been a favorite for centuries but magenta, pinks, orange, golden, yellow, magenta and even peach can be opted for.

-          Lehenga style saris are very trendy where the saree is draped in order to look like a lehenga.

-          With prices of gold reaching sky high, it is quite impossible to afford a full blown gold set.

So Indian brides are opting for gemstones, silver and even pearls instead of gold.

-          Kundan jewellery designs are very much in demand for their glorious appeal.

-          A Maang tika on the forehead is a must for all Indian brides. 

-          Today fashion is about being yourself and wearing what makes one feel confident and comfortable. From Chikankari to Phulkari, from Bandhani to Lehriya, there is a wide range to choose from. The key is to glow in happiness no matter what you wear, for it is the most important day of your life!


Indian groom have it relative easy, when it comes to decking up for their marriage.

Some common traits are -


-          Sherwani is oft chosen as the wedding ensemble of choice for groom across the country.

-          More tradition Dhoti-Kurta too has a lot of takers, especially down south. This look adds charm and a sense of responsibility every groom must exude.

-          No groom has ever looked shabby in a chic suit, black, grey or white, it never fails.

-          Of late, grooms are experimenting with Bandhgalas and Jodhpuri suits becoming a rage.

-          Even a Nehru coat does wonders for those who like to keep it simple and classy.

-          A sleep pair of shoes or sandals is a must to match the attire. Shoes in black and sandals in brown are mostly preferred.

-          A matching tie/stole is paramount to go with the suit/sherwani, light colours getting preference.

-          Grooms must wear minimal accessories on their big day, with all the rituals to follow. A classy wristwatch and a leather belt/wallet should do the trick.


Weddings happen once in a lifetime. We must go the extra mile to look our best and enhance the beautiful memories.

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