Friday, 16 January 2015

Today, when I woke up in the morning the day planner started barking at me my entire schedule. Yet I managed a quick jogging session at 6 and by the time I completed my chores I knew I was late for work. Then I started the big battle with the giant and unkempt wardrobe of mine. What I pulled out were black trousers and a dark color blouse which definitely didnt complement each other. And to add to the fashion disaster I did not put on a single hint of makeup and a funny hairdo which I didnt care about. As I rushed to my office things turned out to be worse my boss greeted me with scorn, I knew I was late. Meetings sounded dull with no major contribution from my side. Presentations seem to be never ending. It was a monotonous day .I knew this could not go on for a long time, so I decided to bring some change. Next morning I did get late again, but I wore a lovely yellow patiala & duppatta and black kurti with a pair of jutti .Accessorized a little and let my eyes be attractive with a hint of kajal and glossy lips. I reached office and my boss smiled, I was stunned. Later that day I spoke in every single meeting with confidence. The presentations seem to become more attention-grabbing in the company of my input. People started to observe and comment my work. That reminded me of a Bollywood quote kapde badal jaane se insaan badal jata hai. Funny as it sounds but it was true. I was more confident, more jovial and more attentive of myself and my thoughts.

We women are running around in our life like crazy dancers, trying to perform bharatnatyam and hip hop at the same time on the same music. In the entire frenzy styling gets compromised. But I feel without a fashion presentation there is no room for a power point presentation.  I believe its a vital choice what a woman wears during those hours of 9 to 6.

In India, ethnic wear has seen a tremendous transition. It has caused a trend among working and professional women.  This transition from the traditional ethnic wear to modern ethnic touch has seen a great enthusiasm in Indian work culture.  More and more women are preferring kurtis coupled with leggings or patialas and duppattas. Many women, especially in  higher posts, have appreciated the traditional sarees. Anarkali suits with multicolored patterns have also taken a toll on the fashion world. Pairing up the ethnic wear with right set of accessories is very graceful. Right from jhumkas to tops to rings are available in vibrant colors shapes and sizes. Traditional wear gives variety of occasions of color contrasts and mix &  match. There are amazing collections of kurtis that complement leggings, churidars and at the same time denims. This season red, blue, yellow, peach and multicolored kurtis have been in high visibility. Long skirts are the best catch of the season. Specially, women in creative jobs can flaunt their long skirts with short kurtis or tops. Long skirts look very delicate and extremely elegant. Traditional occasions and parties in offices will now not only see women in sarees but also in long skirts.

Its imperative to add flavor in food, in the same way it is important to add colors and variety in your style quotient. Girls lets juggle our wardrobes, make room for the trending ethnic wears and surprise our colleagues with our fashion statement. Somebody has rightly quoted, What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is an instant language.


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