Friday, 30 January 2015


This year the world saw a remarkable transformation in the Indian Republic Day. I am sure most of us are visualizing US President Obama sharing the podium with Prime Minister Modi. Well, there were more surprising elements this 26th January. Naari Shakti was the premise of our republic day this year .This day was dedicated to women who have empowered and struggled to proof the real significance of Indian women, who have been assumed to be homemakers till a long time. Not only have they been suppressed but also have been deprived of many rights that should have been claimed long ago. This day has clearly penetrated the preconceived notions of our society when they saw women commanders leading the march or when Wing Commander Pooja Thakur escorted President Obama .Indian women not only have the capability to shower warmth to her children & family but she can also be an authoritative leader and be responsible for growth & profit of an organization. Yes, my friends Indian women are transcending horizons and breaking the walls of prejudice. 

 In India women are playing essential roles in every sector and industry. Let’s start with the bankers whose poise and professionalism is being spoken by everyone across the peninsula. Chanda Kochchar, CEO and MD of ICICI bank, is one of the most powerful woman in India. Parallel to her is Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson of the State bank Of India. Both are pioneers in banking industry, holding the most powerful positions. Another inspiring woman is Kiran Majhumdar Shaw, one of the leading woman entrepreneurs of India. Her diligence and efforts to make Biocon what it is today. These women are epitomes of power, talent and grace. Along with flawless work, they have shown incredible success stories.

Some renowned names associated with artistic work like Ekta Kapoor, Faraha Khan and Gauri Shinde have directed the most celebrated movies of the century. There work has been applauded not only by the audience but critically also. In the arena of sports Sania Mirza, Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal have been the most talked about women lately. Even in journalism women like Bharkha Dutt have taken the audience by surprise. Their work is so impeccable that these women are leading are country in international standards and institutions.
If we observe keenly we will notice a very interesting quality propagate by all of them. These leading ladies have kept an Indian woman alive in them. These women have no doubt been very victorious but what really distinguishes them is that they have managed to keep the Desi Girls alive in the most elite and fashionable way. Right from the CEOs to the artists to the writers, they all flaunt their sarees and salwar suits with the same elegance & grace that they flaunt their work. They complement their work with wonderful choices of dress code whether it’s in the form of ethnic or formal wear. Attire has always distinguished women, how a woman dresses to the office or a party; she is not only noticed but judged on the basis of her  styling. How women in leading positions put on their attire and carry it with utmost grace makes a big difference. Even the accuracy with which women pleat their sarees or drape their aanchal speaks a lot about her. A short message for all aspiring women  out there,
 “YOU Be the change, YOU live in the change and YOU earn the respect!”

- Abhishikha

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