Sunday, 23 November 2014

NAMAKH - An Introduction to The Flavor of Style

Variety is the spice of life. Life would be dull & boring without some excitement like food without spices. Salt, popularly known as namakh in this part of the word is certainly the most important ingredient to add flavour. Namakh, the brand is the flavour of style that would spice up your wardrobe.

The idea of brand Namakh flew in on the wings of imagination of Anirban and Debasis. The passion to bring in Indian Ethnicity in its purest form to the women in the country & make it an inevitable part of their wardrobe led to the birth of Namakh. This is an honest effort to bring together the ethnic wear from across the country to a platform that is easily accessible to all.
In the present day scenario the ethnic wear market is dominated by the western part of the country.  We might not realize it but then a majority of these designs are highly influenced by western trends. Well, these trends in no ways suggest that the rest of the country doesn’t have any interesting fashion statements to showcase. India is incredibly rich in art & culture with exclusivities in every region. Our endeavour is to showcase & make available all this exclusiveness through Namakh.

When we say we get ethnic wear for you from every nook & corner of the country, we actually mean it. We procure the best by personally travelling to the less explored destinations, selecting the best and then putting it up on the website for you. This process demands us to directly work with the producers which we do to ensure that just the best comes to you.

We at Namakh don’t just source the exclusive ethnic wear for you lovely ladies but we also create. We’re also involved in designing & producing ethnic wear for every day at absolutely pocket friendly prices. We use 100% cotton fabric for comfort. All the fabrics are tested for their quality and durability. The options available in these are contemporary, stylish and perfect wear for office or college or in fact anywhere.  This is what we love to call the Namakh – in- Vogue.

By - Debasis Chakraborty

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